Ginger Shandy

Ginger Shandy

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McCoy’s version of a Shandy

This is a light, refreshing beer made with real Ginger and Lemonade which imparts an interesting citrusy-lemon aroma and ginger bite. Super Secret Recipe.

Style Notes:
Shandygaff or Shandy, a beverage first invented in the United Kingdom, is beer flavored with ginger beer or ginger ale. Carbonated lemonade or citrus-flavored soda may also be used.

In Germany, this type of drink is called a Radler (German > "Cyclist") in Southern or Alster in Northern Germany. In French it is called a Panaché (French > "mixed", "motley").

The proportions of the two ingredients are adjusted to taste, normally half-and-half, although shandy that is sold canned or bottled is typically much weaker (about one part beer to ten parts sweet soda). In some jurisdictions, the dilution of some packaged shandy (and thus its low alcohol content) may make it exempt from laws that govern alcoholic beverages.


Pale 2-row malt
Munich malt

German Magnum
German Hallertaur
American Cascade

Other ingredients:
Fresh juiced Ginger
Fresh squeezed Lemon
Pure cane sugar

Original Gravity (OG): 11 Plato

One of a kind version of a classic beer cocktail.

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